Iron Wheel Gel - Wheel Cleaner

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PDP R300 Iron Wheel Gel

No Sulphur Smell, and Endless Dwell Time

game-changing formula for an iron remover! 

No typical sulphur smell!! Clings to the wheel indefinitely, giving the wheel gel plenty of dwell time to do its work!

  • Iron catalyst turns contaminant purple when reaction is completed.
  • Strong concentrated pH-neutral deep cleaning formula that's safe for all wheel finishes.
  • Thick gel-like viscosity clings to the wheels, allowing chemical to work longer - no drips!
  • Targets iron deposits, dirt, and grime.
  • No unpleasant sulphur smell!

Directions: Spray onto wheel, making sure to cover all crevices. Allow 2-5 minutes dwell time or longer. Flush with cool water.