Concentrated Orange - Citrus Solvent Cleaner

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Concentrated Orange is quite possibly the strongest and most versatile all-purpose cleaner on the market today.  A true concentrate: one gallon will make at least five gallons of super strength cleaner, and up to 30 gallons of general all-purpose.   Blended from natural citrus terpenes, it degreases and deodorizes.  Concentrated Orange removes tar, grease, adhesive, silicone, paint overspray, tape lines, cosmoline from paint; door panel scuff marks, ink or felt pen marks, graffiti from vinyl. Use with a brush to clean up the greasiest, filthiest carpets or floor mats like new!  This amazing product works like the strongest mineral spirits solvent, but you can cut it with water, and it leaves a pleasant citrus odor in the vehicle!