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Poly Wax

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“�‚ Protect‚ -‚ Provides long-lasting protection from dirt, road salts, detergents, and oxidation. It also provides‚ months of protection in one easy step!

“�‚ Ultimate Shine‚ - This easy to use formula creates a deep, wet-looking high-gloss shine without the hard work of traditional waxing.

“�‚ Easy To Use‚ - Apply by hand or machine.

“�‚ No Residue‚ -‚ ‚ Formulated to not leave any white residue.

Directions:‚ Shake well before using. Make sure the surface is dry and clean. Apply two dime size amounts to a‚  clean dry applicator and rub thoroughly onto the surface. The product must be spread thin and allowed 10 minutes to dry, enabling proper bonding to occur. Using a dry Zappy's Auto Microfiber Detailing Cloth, wipe to remove haze, revealing a deep, wet-looking shine. For an even deeper, wetter looking shine, additional layers can be applied after 6 hours. This product can also be applied using a dual action polisher equipped with a soft foam pad. For best results, use Zappy's Auto Paint Polish prior to application!