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Wax Enhancer

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  • AMAZING QUICK SHINE: Wax Enhancer is a blend of next-generation cleaners and polymers for fast and superb Long-Lasting results - Safe for all finishes
  • NEW AND USED CAR DEALERS, PROFESSIONAL DETAILERS: Perfect choice for a Quick Shine on Showroom Cars, New Car Deliveries, and Details that are Ready to go out the door
  • SHOW CAR ENTHUSIASTS: The Go-To Product for removing fingerprints, dust, smudges prior to and during car shows, meets, and rallies
  • SPRAY-ON AND WIPE OFF IN SECONDS‚œ no need to let Wax Enhancer dry before wiping off - FASTEST HIGH-QUALITY SHINE ON THE MARKET TODAY.

Putting a quick shine on show cars, showroom cars, new car deliveries and express car details that are ready to go out the door. From the collector car enthusiast to the weekend warrior detailer you will find this wax enhancer to be a must-have for removing dust, smudges, smears, bug splatters and fingerprints. Also great for car shows to keep your ride looking like it was just waxed after the drive to the event. Safe for all automotive finishes including clear coats and with the easy spray on and wipe off application, nothing will be left on the surface but a wet-looking shine! Keep one in your car for those quick wipe downs while on the go.


  • To use as a QUICK SHINE: Spray directly on painted finish and wipe off with a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth.
  • To use as a CLAY BAR LUBRICATE: Spray directly on the painted surface where clay bar is to be used. Rub clay on surface in a back and forth cross-hatch motion or as directed by clay bar manufacturer. Wipe off remaining product with a soft dry cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth.