Uro-Tec Microfiber Pads

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Buff & Shine's unique Uro-Fiber Pads take advantage of the latest developments in Microfiber Technology to give you one pad to both correct, as well as perfect your vehicle's paint! These durable pads are compatible with nearly every polisher size or type!

Are you ready for the most versatile pad available on the market? The latest offering from Buff and Shine is an improvement on the recent trend of microfiber pad technology. The Uro-Fiber Pad is newly designed to maximize the benefits we have already seen in microfiber buffing pads. There are several factors that make it amazingly versatile.

First, the unique patent-pending design of the Uro-Fiber Pad starts with its shorter knap, which has a 25% lower pile than the traditional microfiber pad. Also, the black and white fibers are not just a color gimmick; there are actually two different grades of micro-fiber stitched into this pad surface.

The shorter nap and the blended fibers create a pad that is truly all-in-one. You can cut, polish, and finish with this pad! (Although, it is recommended that you have one dedicated Uro-Fiber Pad for each paint perfection chemical that you use; one Uro-Fiber Pad for the compound, one for polish, and one for final finishing.)