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The Zapp Blaster - Elite Foam Cannon

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  • HIGH-QUALITY SEAL - Committed to making your washing easy and fun, the high-quality heavy-duty brass core ensures a proper seal and leak-free connection with the hose! The chemically resistant HDPE body ensures durable performance.
  • PERFECT WASHING PERFORMANCE - The Zapp Blaster - Elite Foam Cannon adjustable foam sprayer can provide the best maintenance for your car! Can make the foam dense and rich, just rotate the nozzle spiral, you can easily adjust the spray range in the area of 0 to 90 °, even in the smallest cracks and gaps in the car, the thick foam can easily remove dirt.
  • EASY TO USE - Just fill the reservoir with soap, use the 1/4-inch quick connect fittings, connect to the high-pressure washer spray gun adapter, and adjust the knob to achieve the desired foam level! Nozzle adjustment spray mode will produce a lot of thick foam in a wide or narrow spray. Convenient and fast, save money and time.
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN - The extended and upgraded filter at the end of the pipe can filter out harmful particles that could hurt the paint. The recessed area of the bottle is easy to hold. There is also a marking line on the bottle which makes it easy to observe the capacity.

For The Best Performance & Maximum Foam Use Zappy's Auto Washes Super Thick Orange Snow Foam!

The container capacity of the foam cannon: 1 liter / 0.22 gallons; maximum pressure: 25Mpa-3600PSI; Maximum flow: 15L/min-4GPM.