Solvent Resistant Sprayer

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Chemical resistant trigger sprayer for quart bottle.  Sturdy, heavy duty construction. Enclosed piston provides protection against damage for longer life. The viton seal holds up against harsh chemicals & solvents. Use with the chemicals that cause standard trigger sprayers to fail. 1.4 ml per stroke. Nozzle O-ring & piston cup made of chemical resistant viton. 

The gray colored sprayers are industry standard for solvent resistant sprayers.  These will last longer when spraying solvent based tire dressings.  It's well known that solvent and plastic fight each other and solvent eventually wins, but the viton seals in these plastic sprayers are what makes them different, and are well proven to be much longer lasting than regular sprayers when used for solvent tire dressings.  (The gray sprayer will not do well when spraying wheel acid.  For acid wheel cleaners, use the gold 320AR.) 

Sprayers and bottles are sold separately! If you will need quart bottles to go with your sprayers, see our B53BOAS or B53BPDP heavy duty bottles with gradations and dilution ratios molded on the sides.

  • Unsurpassed Chemical Resistance
    Synthetic O-ring and piston cup hold up against the harshest chemicals, even D-limonene
  • Less Fatigue
    Up to 40% greater output per stroke significantly reduces the number of times you pull the trigger and a high output with an extra large spray pattern make quick work of any job
  • Long Lasting
    Outer body protects piston assembly from damage during use and storage
  • Applications
    Harsh Chemicals, D-limonene, Solvent based Tire Dressings, Automotive, Car Wash, Auto Detail, Carpet Spot Cleaning, General Use