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Q² LeatherShield leads the category in terms of leather protection. This is a true SiO2 based leather ceramic coating that is very unique in its single layer application. Protect your interior leather upholstery from dirt, spills, UV, oils, and grime long term. It leaves a healthy satin finish and will not alter the look of your leather.

Easy To Apply: Q² LeatherShield only requires the application of one simple layer.

Safe For All Leather Types: This leather ceramic coating protects against everyday dangers on all types of leather.


Q² LeatherShield is an advanced, SiO₂ based formula, specially developed for all types of modern automotive leather upholstery. It provides superb protection against dirt, UV rays and the rigors of everyday usage.


Q² LeatherShield is amazingly simple to apply, requiring only one layer. This leather coating is designed for and been tested on all modern types of leather, providing great protection and no change of feel or color, leaving a fully matte finish. Q² LeatherShield does not stiffen the leather or make it more slippery, maintaining the regular comfort of use.


Ensure you clean the leather well and remove any excess of your cleaner. We highly recommend the use of one of our Q²M LeatherCleaners. Make sure you proceed with a test panel before you apply the product to the whole upholstery.

TIP: Apply the product to one panel at a time and ensure even coverage. Do not wipe off. If you see the product drying unevenly, level the product without adding any more liquid. Check after 20 minutes, if necessary - wipe.



DURABILITY: >12months / 20K km

Revolutionizing Leather Care with SiO2 Technology

Unlock the Ultimate in Leather Protection:

Introducing Q² LeatherShield—an embodiment of GYEON's commitment to redefining automotive care with innovative solutions. Prepare to elevate your leather care regimen to an extraordinary level as we delve into the world of Q² LeatherShield. This SiO2-based leather ceramic coating stands at the forefront of leather protection, delivering an experience that transcends expectations and safeguards your interior upholstery with unparalleled finesse.

Unveiling Leather Shielding Excellence:

Q² LeatherShield emerges as the undeniable leader in leather protection, setting a new standard for excellence in this category. Unlike anything you've encountered, this true SiO2-based leather ceramic coating embraces the concept of single-layer application, simplifying your leather care routine while maximizing results. Bid farewell to concerns of dirt, spills, UV exposure, oils, and grime—Q² LeatherShield serves as an impenetrable barrier that shields your leather upholstery from the forces of wear and time.

Aesthetic Brilliance Preserved:

Q² LeatherShield takes pride in its ability to safeguard your leather while preserving its aesthetic allure. This SiO2-based ceramic coating is engineered to leave your leather's appearance untouched, ensuring that the original look and feel remain unaltered. Bask in the confidence of knowing that your vehicle's interior will retain its timeless elegance, even as it enjoys the comprehensive protection that Q² LeatherShield bestows.

Ease in Application:

Q² LeatherShield simplifies the complex world of leather protection with its single-layer application. Say goodbye to cumbersome multi-step processes; all it takes is one simple layer to activate a safeguard that will endure the test of time. Embrace a product that not only delivers excellence but does so with remarkable simplicity—a testament to GYEON's dedication to your convenience.

Universal Safeguarding:

One of the defining attributes of Q² LeatherShield lies in its universal compatibility. This leather ceramic coating isn't bound by the confines of leather type—it's a versatile solution that safeguards against everyday hazards on all types of leather. Whether it's the sumptuous comfort of premium leather or the rugged durability of synthetic alternatives, Q² LeatherShield ensures that every type of leather receives the protection it deserves.

Revel in the Q² Difference:

(1) Unrivaled Long-Term Protection: Q² LeatherShield stands as an enduring barrier against dirt, spills, UV rays, oils, and grime, safeguarding your leather's pristine condition for the long haul.

(2) Satin Finish Elegance: Experience the beauty of a healthy satin finish that enhances your leather's appearance without altering its innate allure.

(3) Effortless Application: The simplicity of applying a single layer accentuates Q² LeatherShield's user-friendly nature, ensuring that every application is a breeze.

(4) Universal Protection: Regardless of leather type, Q² LeatherShield is engineered to provide universal protection, ensuring that your investment is fortified against the perils of everyday life.

Embrace Unsurpassed Leather Protection:

Q² LeatherShield isn't just a product; it's an invitation to a world of superior leather care. Infused with SiO2 technology and GYEON's unwavering commitment to quality, this leather ceramic coating transcends ordinary protection, unveiling a level of excellence that transforms your leather care regimen.

Integrate Q² LeatherShield into your car care arsenal and experience the fusion of innovation and convenience that sets a new benchmark for leather protection. Discover a realm where your leather upholstery remains immaculate, vibrant, and luxurious—a realm where Q² LeatherShield redefines the very concept of leather care.

Q² LeatherShield—a testament to GYEON's pursuit of perfection in every formulation, a promise of enduring leather protection that transcends time and expectations.