Resolution - Sealer Wax

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PL36 Resolution is a unique and luxurious lotion wax developed for ease of application and depth of gloss. It brightens and deepens gloss with a glass-like finish, quickly and efficiently.

It was developed for the darker finishes, using a slightly moister formulation to enhance the difficult to wax paint finishes. The application process is forgiving, smooth, and dust-free. Your moldings WILL NOT turn white.

Great for use with a Rupes Long Stroke DA, a Flex Forced Rotation polisher, a Porter Cable waxer, or by hand.

PL36 is great for your final finish and the final step of the RPC Restoration Paint Correction system. Use PL33 or PL34 for heavy or medium oxidation if needed and PL35 restoration for lighter swirls and scratches if needed beforehand.

Contains polymer resins for protection and durability.