Free & Clean - Industrial Strength Degreaser

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FREE AND CLEAN All-Purpose Degreaser is a non-toxic cleaner that can tackle any job.  You will be amazed how well FREE AND CLEAN cleans engines, floors, door jams, any hard surface, and also carpets, fabric, vinyl, formica, and wood.  Tough enough to clean engines and wheels, but will clean vinyl and fabric without leaving a film!  It rinses and wipes off free and clean.  And, you can spray down an interior and get close to your work without inhaling hazardous vapors!  Free and Clean is a non-caustic, non-butyl, non-toxic cleaner that will not produce "THE COUGH" or irritate your skin. It is geared for high-volume, fast production shops or car dealerships.  

Run thru a water proportioner at 32:1, or cut with water according to the job.


Click here for a video demonstration