Cherry Suds - Thick Foam Car Wash Soap

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Cherry Suds washes away dirt, grime, and grease with a ton of suds! This thick, viscous product is highly concentrated and the suds last in the bucket and on the mitt or mop. M91 is one of the most concentrated car soaps on the market - Use 1 oz per gallon!! Or if you prefer one "glug" in the bottom of an empty 5-gallon pail, and fill the rest with water. Use a strong stream or higher pressure to fill the bucket with thick suds. When the level gets low, just use more water - no need to use more product!  

Cherry Suds is used by high-production commercial shops for sparkling clean results and great rideability. It reduces effort, and also reduces cost, due to its high concentration of cleaning agents. The pleasant cherry fragrance makes it a pleasure to work with.

M91 is a gentle ph-neutral soap - it will not remove wax and or abrade ceramic coatings.

DILUTION RATIO: Dilute 120:1 with water