9" Curved Edge Foam Pad (Rotary Polishers)

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These foam pads are of varying cut and polish grades, the 9" pads that fit on the standard backing plate of a rotary high-speed polisher such as a Dewalt DWP849X or a Makita 9237CX3.

Foam buffing, polishing, and finishing pads with different numbers of pores per inch, determine how coarse or soft they are. Use either a wax or compound of choice: when you combine the degree of the cleaning ability of the wax or compound with your choice of the foam pad, you can achieve the desired result on your vehicle.

ORANGE: This pad utilizes a European prepolymer foam that will remove scratches and swirl marks while leaving a level and smooth surface when used in conjunction with micro-fine compounds.

YELLOW: This pad has a moderate cutting action that will remove wet sand scratches, overspray, and surface imperfections when used in conjunction with polishing compounds

GREEN: This pad has a light-cutting action that will remove marring, moderate imperfections, and fine scratches when used in conjunction with light-polishing compounds.

BLUE: This pad has a mild cleaning action for the removal of swirl marks, car wash scratches, and hazing, leaving a high gloss finish when used in conjunction with finishing polishes.

RED:  This pad is ultra-soft, has no cleaning action, and is used to maximize and enhance gloss during final finishing when used in conjunction with liquid waxes and sealants.