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208 HydroMaster Automatic Proportioner - 2.5 GPM

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High Flow Dilution for Large Tanks and Drums

The Hydro Systems 208 Hydromaster is an easy way to automatically mix car wash chemicals with water. Having an automated system instead of handmixing will save you time and energy.

Manual mixing of concentrates with water is time consuming and imprecise Ñ the strength of the diluted solution may be too strong one time and too weak the next. Automatic dilution with the HydroMaster takes this variability out of the cleaning system, so the concentrated cleaning product consistently delivers maximum performance. Any size container of concentrate can be used with the HydroMaster because there's no need to tip the container to pour the contents.

HydroMaster are powered by water, so you don't have to install the system near any outlets - safer and easier. This HydroMaster can be wall mounted or fit on 2" NPT drum openings.

  • 2.5 GPM
  • 1:1 minimum dilution ratio
  • 110:1 maximum dilution ratio
  • Made with chemical-resistant materials
  • Water power is safer than electric
  • Accurate and fast mixing/dilution
  • Use on the wall or a container with a 2" opening

Kit Includes:

  • Proportioner
  • 4' Suction Tube with Foot Valve
  • 4' Discharge Tube
  • Metering Tip Kit (14 tips)