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Vinyl, Plastic, & Carpet Dye

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Hi-Tech Vinyl Plastic & Carpet Dye Rejuvenates, Restores, and Renews Your Automotive and Home Carpet, Vinyl, and Plastic Surfaces

You can easily bring new life to your stained or faded carpet with our Hi-Tech Carpet Dye.

Hi-Tech Dye restores scratched, worn or faded areas on vinyl and plastic. Use on  your car interior plastic trim and molding, headrests, door panels, or other hard plastic surfaces throughout your car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, and other vehicles plus home use, too.

Hi-Tech Vinyl Plastic & Carpet Dye

  • Will not change the texture of carpets or vinyl, leaving carpets and vinyl soft and flexible
  • Will leave a permanent coating that will not crack, split, peel, or rub off
  • Can be used to restore or change most original colors 
  • Easily blends into faded fiber areas of carpets
  • 40 colors available

Use on Your Vinyl, Plastic & Carpet to:

  • Restore or replace an existing color
  • Cover stains that will not wash out
  • Cover bleach stains and red dyes and coffee stains
  • Hide ugly scratches or faded areas
  • Conceal and cover carpet blemishes

It is Quick and Easy to Use

Special Skills not required. It is simple, fast, and easy to use by car enthusiasts, professional detailers, or anyone who can use a spray can of dye.

The snorkel-type tip with an adjustable fan pattern allows for accurate application in just the right place.

Works for Your Vehicle or Home

Hi-Tech Vinyl Plastic & Carpet Dye was designed for the automotive industry. Each color was computer matched to O.E.M. standards for vehicles. But, it works equally well around the home on vinyl, plastic, and carpet.

Aerosol can net weight 11.25 oz. All dyes are California OTC/VOC Compliant.


May be used on vinyl, plastic and carpet. This is a permanent coating.

  1. Thoroughly clean the carpet to be dyed. For hard surfaces, clean with a degreaser. Allow to completely dry.
  2. Cover any adjacent areas that you do not want dyed.
  3. Apply using an even light coat. (2 or 3 coats may be necessary)
  4. Brush dye into the carpet immediately after applying.
  5. Allow the carpet to dry so that it is not tacky before applying the next coat.

For best results to cover stains or change colors: you can use vinyl plastic & carpet dye to go from a lighter color to a darker color not from a darker color to a lighter color.