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Have you always waxed your own car, and now you’re hearing about ceramics, but not sure where to start?

PDP’s Perpetual Fusion is a true ceramic coating (not a spray SI02 topper), that is easy to apply! While the ultra hard, high resin 9H coatings provide up to 5 years protection, they often have a narrow window of time to watch for the rainbow flash and then evenly level. Fusion is lower resin coating that will offer up to a year’s protection, but it will still deliver eye-popping gloss, and you have plenty of open time to apply! Come in to see us or call our expert team to walk you thru the procedures to do a professional job! 

You can apply Fusion to a large area, several panels at a time, up to half the vehicle, without babysitting and waiting for the moment it rainbows to level, giving the detailer a bigger and more forgiving window of time to allow for set up and leveling.

High spots are not a worry, and the delivered shine imparts the same "wow" factor - an intense gloss, and a sacrificial barrier for the paint.

FUSION is a durable, hard coating that imparts a deep, intense shine, and a hydrophobic finish that repels dirt and water and protects from weather, the elements, UV rays, contaminants. It can be used as a stand-alone coating application, with 9 to 12 months of protection; or as a premium high solids coating product that will bond to a previously applied coating.  

An 8 oz. bottle will provide enough to do 4-5 sedans, or 2-3 trucks.  A 4 oz. bottle- 2 sedans or 1 truck.

The intense reflective shine and depth of gloss of Fusion is very close to the same result you would get from our 9H coating, but the layer is not as thick as a 9H coating, so the durability is more or less a year (vs. 3-4 years).

Spray onto a microsuede applicator and apply to the vehicle finish in a 6' by 6' area, or larger. Flash time will vary according to the temperature of the detail bay. When coating "rainbows," level by dragging an edgeless waffle microfiber across the area, and then finish with an edgeless Korean Coral Fleece microfiber.

For best results, clean the finish first with Iron Melt and a clay mitt, pad, sponge, or bar. If polishing defects before applying, use Panel Wipe to remove any polish residue, before applying Fusion.