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Extreme Bug & Tar Remover

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Specially Formulated for Tough Soil

Your vehicle is constantly subjected to bugs, tar and other road grime that are unsightly and tough to remove. Armor All Extreme Bug & Tar Remover is specially formulated to effectively remove these soils while maintaining wax protection.

  • Effectively removes tough to remove bug splats, road tar and bird droppings
  • Streak Free Formula*
  • Preserves wax protection
  • Won't leave your vehicle looking dull
  • Safe for exterior finishes when used as directed
Directions for use:

1. Shake well. Spray product surface to be cleaned.

2. For stubborn, dried on soils, let product soak for one minute

3. Wipe surface dry with microfiber cloth.

Can be used as a pre-treatment prior to washing. On a cool surface, spray on soils and leave for up to one minute before washing the vehicle.