Perfect-It Machine Polish

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  • USE WHAT THE PROS USE‚œ Scientifically formulated for polishing paint, gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces on cars, trucks, boats, RVs and more
  • ACHIEVE A MIRROR-SMOOTH FINISH ‚œ High-performance polish is formulated for removing fine scratches and swirl marks after compounding
  • BUFFS TO FINE FINISH ‚œ Leaves surface polished, shiny and ready for wax
  • EASY TO USE ‚œ Polish is formulated to hold on the pad using rotary polishers, limiting sling and mess‚ 


Refined Finishes with Less Mess

3M Perfect-It Machine Polish is 3M's highest-performing polish for collision repair. This machine polish is 3M's fastest for removing compound swirl marks and leaves the finest finish. This high-efficiency formula means you'll use the least amount of product, saving you both time and money.

3M Perfect-It Machine Polish is excellent when your collision repair work requires an extremely refined finish. Its light abrasive removes swirl marks after compounding. The Perfect-It brand signifies 3M's highest-performing polishes. 3M Perfect-It Machine Polish is formulated to hold well on the pad, reducing the mess, waste and cleanup time associated with sling. Perfect-It Machine Polish is part of the Perfect-It Paint Finishing System for better material cost efficiency, lower process times and refined, swirl-free finishes.

Part of the 3M Perfect-It Paint Finishing System

3M Perfect-It Machine Polish is an important part of the 3M Perfect-it Paint Finishing System. Developed to keep pace with evolving paint and clear coat technologies, the Perfect-it Paint Finishing System is ideal for when the finest finish is required for every level of clear coat and paint repair. This system uses a progressive series of finer abrasives, compounding and polishing pads and specially formulated polishes to produce showroom grade finishes with deep color and rich gloss, in the shortest amount of time.

3M recommends using Perfect-It Machine Polish with Perfect-It Quick Connect Foam Polishing Pads PN05707 or PN33285. For difficult dark-colored cars, 3M recommends the 3M Perfect-It EX Ultrafine Machine Polish PN 06068 to completely eliminate the finest swirls and restore the OEM look without the use of wax.

The Perfect-It Brand: 3M's Highest-Quality Solution for Coated Surfaces

The Perfect-It brand signifies 3M's most consistently outstanding finish at a minimum of time and expense to obtain a premium like-new appearance. Each 3M Perfect-It product has been scientifically developed for the highest performance during defect removal, scratch refinement, compounding and polishing. Together, this complete range of products, backed by the technical expertise of 3M, comprises the Perfect-It brand ‚œ representing total excellence in preparing and finishing paint and gelcoat surfaces, for each job and for your entire operation.