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XP Magic Cut is an advanced compound that works remarkably fast on all types of cured and fresh paint. The micron-sized abrasives level paint imperfections quickly with little effort and little swirl. It rapidly removes 1500 sandpaper marks, scratches, acid rain, oxidation, and other paint imperfections. This versatile system corrects paint while producing rich color depth, high gloss and reflection. Clean up is fast and easy. VOC compliant and body shop safe.


  • Shake well. Apply a small amount of XP Magic Cut to the paint. Work in a 2X2 foot area.
  • Wool Pads; machine polish at 1400-1500 RPM.
  • Foam Pads; machine polish at 1200-1300 RPM.
  • Compound until sanding marks and or oxidation is completely removed.
  • Remove remaining compound residue with a soft clean cloth.

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: OEM paints, repainted or refinished, lacquers, clear coats, and single stage paints. Also for use on water borne or high solids paint.

ADDITIONAL USES: Boat, motorcycles, RV's ATV's and other painted surfaces.

HELPFUL TIPS: For additional protection use an Auto Magic‚® wax or polymer finish as the final step.

SAFETY & HANDLING: Safety Data Sheets can found online at