Premium Microfiber Clay Mitt

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Meet the BodyScrub, the new generation of clay removal- Faster, Easier, Safer!

The BodyScrub Clay Mitt easily removes surface contaminants from automotive paint, glass, moldings, and plastic. It will pull out or abrade rail dust, overspray, and other contaminants that bond to the vehicle's surface. It covers more area, and faster, than a clay bar, and lasts up to 5 times longer. The polymerized‚ rubber is not only more durable than clay, but if inadvertently dropped, just rinse clean with water. Also, when using clay the metal particles are picked up and kneaded back into it so when do you decide to draw the line and throw it away? With the clay mitt just rinse off the polymerized rubber. Another advantage is the mitt on your hand easily conforms around mirrors, moldings, and all the curved edges of the vehicle. And it's easier to store!

Use a clay lubricant, spraying the pad and the surface, keeping your surfaces lubricated while using the pad. For a quick one-step clean and wax, use with PDP SW89 BodyGloss.

Wash vehicle, to remove road dirt and larger‚ contaminants. Use PDP R95 SuperSol‚ to remove any tar or grease. Spray clay lubricant on the rubber polymerized side of the body scrub, and also on the vehicle surface, so you can glide the BodyScrub freely across the surface.‚ Wipe residue off vehicle surfaces with a clean dry microfiber towel. Check the clay side frequently, misting with clay lubricant, or rinsing with water, to remove any contaminants. For an even more thorough deep cleaning of the surface, apply PDP's R200 Iron Melt and rinse, removing all ferrous particles, that may still be caught in the paint.