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GS-1 Compound

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GS-1 Color and Gloss Restorer is designed to quickly revive the original luster to lightly oxidized paint. Also great for removing medium scratches. It's a fast-working leveling polish. Clearcoat safe. May be applied by hand or a variable speed polisher. Works well with wool or foam pads. VOC compliant.

ABRASIVENESS: 6.5 out of 10 (10 is highest amount of abrasive)


  • Shake well.
  • Hand application - Apply polish to a wax applicator, then hand-rub over surface until desired results. Remove excess with a clean, soft microfiber or terry towel.
  • Machine application - Apply to a small area and buff, at medium to high rpm, to desired shine. Remove excess with a clean, soft microfiber or terry towel. For added gloss and protection, follow up with an Auto Magic‚® wax or polymer.

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: For reviving and leveling clear coat, single stage, acrylic, lacquers, enamels, as well as powder-coated paints.

ADDITIONAL USES: Excellent on RVs, boats, motorcycles, bikes, and other painted surfaces.

HELPFUL TIPS: It's best to remove all surface contamination with the use of Clay Magic‚® detailing clay prior to application to ensure the highest performance of #76. Follow up with an Auto Magic‚® wax or polymer for added protection and gloss.

SAFETY & HANDLING: Safety Data Sheets can found online at