Our Wash Tunnels

We pride ourselves in using industry-leading technology that delivers consistent quality, leaving you with a clean, dry, shiny car every single time. Our tunnel employs self-cleaning brushes, which are designed not to hold onto any coarse materials or dirt, ensuring your vehicle is carefully handled throughout the entirety of the wash. Each brush is saturated with water and bio-degradable detergents, gently washing away road grime and dirt, leaving you with a shiny car.
Our tunnel features a variety of premium products formulated to deliver superior protection & shine, such as our signature ‘Zappy's Falls’. Our wash tunnels are also equipped with pressure washes that are operated by attendants on duty to ensure that your car gets the proper pre-rinse it deserves.

Our Detail Centers

We only use the best here at Zappy's, and it clearly shows through our recommendations! Using industry-leading technology combined with superior chemicals gives us the edge we need to make your car look brand new!