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Bug Melt is a uniquely formulated bug remover that "melts" bugs in seconds. Spray onto the finish and wash or wipe and worst bug residue you can find, even years of encrusted buildup is gone! Before we added Bug Melt to the PDP line, we didn't know of a bug remover that really worked! This is light years ahead of the old "Bug and Tar Remover!" There is nothing like Bug Melt on the market today. Dilute up to 10:1 with water, or according to need: Bug Melt is a highly concentrated product. Try it once and be convinced.

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DILUTION RATIO: Dilute 10:1 with water

Spray onto the front bumper, grille, mirrors, and any affected areas. Let dwell for 1-2 minutes. Pressure wash off or use normal pressure from a water hose. You can also wipe off with a cleaning microfiber towel, or use a YSB yellow scrubber block, soaked in water.