Simplicity - 3-IN-1 Compound, Polish, & Sealant

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Simplicity 3-in-1 is‚ an industry cutting-edge formula for an all-in-one ONE STEP product. It uses abrasives and innovative new polymer technology in order to allow the user to efficiently compound, polish and‚ seal- without step 2 or 3! PL40 Simplicity is best applied with a long-stroke or forced rotation random orbital polisher, but can also be used with a rotary polisher, or by hand. It‚ provides an unrivaled,‚ user-friendly experience, quickly removing defects with ease while creating little to zero dust. Remove 1200-2000 grit sand scratches, polish the clearcoat to a high gloss, and protect the paint with 90-day durability (more or less depending on the environment) in one step.

Great for fast production work at dealerships or auctions, producing a great result with minimal passes and saving man-hours. For best results, use a Rupes Mark III (15mm or 21mm) with a wool pad.