Zappy's Car Care Tips: How To Clean Your Dirty Car Seats.

Zappy's Car Care Tips: How To Clean Your Dirty Car Seats.

They are there for safety, security, and premier functionality. At the end of the day, the sets in our daily driver tend to not be the cleanest and sparliest of spaces. Overtime and as life goes on, the fresh new car look, feel, and smell disappears and you are left with dirt and grime that’s collected between rushing to work for that in-person meeting and dropping the kiddos to play at the park. 

No matter what your family’s personal line-up of in-car drinks and snacks are, there’s a chance that there’s a chip or two stuck in between the seats and a slurp of that soft drink dripped onto the seats in the family car a time or two. 

As always, when you visit Zappy’’re in luck. As your friends in the car business, we are here to help provide you with some quick and easy tips on how you can tackle cleaning those dirty car seats and how to get them in a spot where they are looking and smelling just like new! We’re going to do just that with this week’s blog. Ready...Set...Go! 

Start Small. Although the stains may be large, consider starting in a smaller spot to check and see if the technique and solution you are trying is the best option. 

Let It Soak. Once you have started small and have positive results, let your cleaner of choice soak on the stain and seats in question. “However, in most of the cases, manufacturers recommend diluting the car seat cleaner to ensure that it does not damage the car seats in higher concentrations. Spray the car cleaning over the car seat stains and soak the stains thoroughly. A great-quality car seat stain removal loosens the remaining bonds between the stain and the car seat’s upholstery.”

Scrub It Out. Once you have applied your solution, it may be wise to scrub and get the solution deep into the material of your seats. However, please be cautious of the type of material your seats are made out of. Cloth seats are much more acceptable for cleaning solutions than leather. Too much scrubbing on the wrong type of surface could ruin your seats and then you’ll have an even bigger (and expensive) problem to deal with. 

Let Then Dry. Once you’ve soaked, and scrubbed the area in question - oftentimes that alone will do the trick. We always advised to let your seats dry out a little bit and then see how effective your cleaning solution and technique worked. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. There are so many variables at steak like seat material, cleaning solution, etc. Once you get to a good spot and have found what does the trick for you and your seats, set that stuff aside and always have it handy for when the next roadside spill happens. 

Let’s be honest, these four tips are very general and generic and may not remove all of the stains. They are just the tipping point and a good starting spot for tackling those seats of yours. Like always, if you are ever in need of a one-stop-shop for any and all of your car care needs, we’re here for you. Just a click away at