Winter Car Care: Keeping Your Car In Tip Top Shape

Winter Car Care: Keeping Your Car In Tip Top Shape

At Zappy’s Auto Washes, we consider ourselves knowledgeable in all things cars and what it takes to keep them clean. We’ve witnessed the dirtiest of dirty come in leave as clean as can be. We get it - life gets busy and sometimes the cleanliness of your automobile is sometimes forgotten. We all spend a lot of time in our cars. It seems that they can quickly become messy, broken, and even dangerous if you don’t have your car well-organized and maintained. 

Our team collaborated over the top ways you can keep your car in tip top shape this winter. Some ideas from our employees, and even some from our customers. It seems like everyday we learn something new from customers like you - and we want to continue to pass along that knowledge for everyone to benefit from. 

Tidy Up the Trunk With Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets are a great way to keep the trunk organized and to store excess items such as sports accessories, groceries, and backpacks. In addition to helping keep everything together, using a laundry basket also makes it easier to transport several items into the house or garage all at once. 

Leverage The Pool Noodle.

Let’s be honest - in the middle of winter, we all have dreams of summer temperatures and spending time swimming in the pool. Until the temperatures rise, there is use of that popular pool noodle to help keep your belongings off the floorboard and underneath the seats of your car. If you make a small investment in a summer pool noodle, you can cut it to fit the space in between your seats and the center console of your vehicle. In such a small investment, you can save yourself so much headache and hardships searching for your belongings that are often lost in between and underneath your seats of your car. 

Save Your Garage With A Tennis Ball.

Who knew a tennis ball could assist you with consistent parking? If you take a tennis ball, attach it to some string and mount it from the ceiling in your garage - 

The idea here is to place your vehicle in park once the tennis ball touches your windshield, be sure to install it by handing it when you are parked perfectly. Once you do this, you can trust that your car is again parked perfectly every time the tennis ball hits your windshield when parking.  

It’s often forgotten that to get the smells and looks of a clean car you have to make sure you are using the proper cleaning supplies to ensure you aren’t damaging your car’s astletic. Fortunately, you're in good hands as our experts at Zappy’s can recommend and provide you with the best of the best soaps, air fresheners, and protectants to ensure a safe and quality wash and clean.