Why You Should Be Using A Clay Bar To Detail Your Car!

Why You Should Be Using A Clay Bar To Detail Your Car!

Oftentimes, our customers think that soap and water will just do the trick. Unfortunately, even the dirtiest of cars full of dirt and grime that is just too stubborn for that standard soap and water solution. With the help of a little elbow grease, utilizing a Clay Bar can be the perfect partner in crime to help get rid of all that tough and nasty grime. 

Why Is It Necessary? 

A Clay Bar is more than necessary if you want to ensure a long term shine on your car’s clear coat. From a distance, your clear coat appears flat but when you look at it through a microscope you see that it has ridges. Contamination can easily become lodged between these areas and reduce the optical clarity of your paint, thus creating a dull shine. Spray a clay lube on the surface and glide the Clay Magic Fine Grade/Medium Grade Clay Bar over these areas and you will pull out contaminates. This is similar to the process of exfoliating your skin. Thus you gain back a clean clear coat that is very smooth to the touch and contaminant free. An additional benefit to prepping your paint with a clay bar is that waxes and sealants adhere to smooth and contaminant-free paint much better. This means that the wax or sealant will protect and shine for longer. We recommend cutting this extra-large bar into 4 to 5 pieces so you get multiple fresh uses from one large 200-gram bar. Store the bar in a container to protect it from contamination in the air in-between details. Use this clay bar to properly prep your paint before using a polish, glaze, sealant, wax, etc. 

We Have A Solution For You! 

As you probably imagined, our team at Zappy’s has just the solution for you! The Clay Bar by Clay Magic is just the tool for you! It’s just the product that will help you remove embedded surface contamination that does not come off during the washing process.