Soap & Suds: Which type of soaps should you use and avoid when cleaning your car?

Soap & Suds: Which type of soaps should you use and avoid when cleaning your car?

Everyone looks forward to washing their car. Whether you’re washing it yourself or having the professionals handle it, your car always looks fantastic. What makes your car cleaning experience that much more satisfying is using the right type of soap. Are there different types of soap to use? It sure does. The kind of soap depends on several factors including what type of vehicle you have and what you prefer to wash it with.

Soaps You Should Use!

Only those made specifically for automotive use. Just because other soaps are on sale, doesn't mean you should rub the suds all over your car. That could actually end up costing you. We have an extensive collection of soaps and suds that are safe to use on your car. In fact, we have a whole portion of our website set aside of the best soaps and shampoos that will leave your car sparkling and shining for days to come. 

Soaps To Avoid! 

Don’t use dish soap. This should be a no-brainer, but it’s not. Soaps that are made for other surfaces and types of cleaning often include aggressive salts and surfactants within them to help deteriorate various types of hard to remove gunk. If you use dish soap to clean your car, you are exposing the paint and overall surface of your car to these harsh chemicals and ingredients that are guaranteed to do damage overtime. 

At the end of the day, we want to help educate and ensure that you don’t unintentionally end up using harmful chemicals on your car that could lead to severe damage. We’re here to help you - if you want to order your own soap to wash on your own time, visit our online store and get top of the line products delivered straight to your door. If you don’t you can always stop by one of our area locations and we’ll provide the soap, as long as you provide the quarters.