Rinseless Car Wash Vs. Traditional Wash

Rinseless Car Wash Vs. Traditional Wash

You're standing in an auto wash waiting for your car to go by. There are two types of washes, one with soap and one that is "rinseless". Which do you think is better?

Even though most people believe a traditional car wash is the cleanest, most effective way to wash a car, it’s not. A Rinseless Car Wash will produce a superior shine and have your vehicle cleaner than a traditional wash.

Rinseless car wash became very popular just a few years ago. They are all the rage, right? They are great for reducing your water use, which these days is becoming more of an issue every day. But what about traditional car washes?

Traditional car washes aren’t going away by any means. In fact, Car wash water statistics indicate that 66% of Americans get their cars washed approximately 13 times per year. This puts the average washes per month at one or two times. 

Have you tried giving your daily driver a rinseless car wash? What did you think? Let us know in the comment section below!