Prevent Brake Pads from Fading Away With These Simple Tricks

Prevent Brake Pads from Fading Away With These Simple Tricks

Brake pads are the unsung heroes of your vehicle. They make it safe to drive but you still have to change them from time to time just like the engine oil. The brake pads will wear off your car’s rotors in time, if they are used at full capacity without rest. So don’t let this happen and avoid trying these simple tricks to prolong their lifespan. As a matter of fact, you can use these tricks for your trailer too!

Inspect for loose, broken, or eroded hoses or components. 

First off, you want to make sure that all of your main hoses and components are still in ideal working order. Overtime, these parts and pieces can erode, become loose, or even break and you do not know it. A simple inspection could easily save you thousands and one heck of a headache if you haven’t looked around recently.  

Check your fluids. 

As with anything good, brake fluids aren’t made to last forever. As you pack on the miles on your car, these fluids tend to get dirty and less effective. It is suggested that brake fluids are swapped out and cleaned about every 25,000 miles. Check with a local, trusted dealer or reference your drivers manual to see what the exact mileage checkpoint is for your specific make and model of car. 

Review the brake assembly for proper grease contamination. 

In this case, you should specifically be checking the pads and rotors. These are the top two areas where grease contamination typically builds up. If you find some excess that has built up, quickly wipe it clean before it hardens and becomes very tough to remove. 

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