It’s All In The Details: 3 Summer Boat Detailing Tips & Tricks

It’s All In The Details: 3 Summer Boat Detailing Tips & Tricks

Whether your weekend watercraft is a boat, yacht, or something in between - the detailing pros at Zappy’s have just the tips to help keep your vessel clean and grime free! 


Add A Second Coat Of Wax

If you are willing to really put in the work, wax is the way to go! However, it’s suggested that adding a second coat will preserve the shine and sparkle much longer than a single coat. 

The Perfect Product Makes A Difference

Fortunately, at Zappy’s we carry all only the best detailing products for everything from your daily driver and your weekend watercraft. If you are looking for the perfect product that will turn your grime to shine, Wipe Down by Chemical Guys is exactly what you are looking for. For just $9.99, Wipe Down will easily wipe away any water spots, dirt, dust, salt spray, and move to restore your weekend watercraft to its original high gloss shine with durable protection. 

Don’t Forget The Interior!

When many think of detailing and touching up their boat, the interior is often forgotten. Depending on the make, model, and type of boat - you may need to steam the carpets, clean out the ducts, and all of the cabinets and appliances.