How You Should Be Cleaning Your Windows!

How You Should Be Cleaning Your Windows!

Here’s a rundown of four of our favoriete tips and tricks that will allow you to properly clean your car windows without leaving any streaks behind.

Pull your vehicle into the shade. It’s easier to clean when your windows aren't in direct sunlight and you can avoid leaving behind any and all streaks. Don’t have much shade? Wait until the sun goes down that day and give your vehicle a quick wash.

Forget paper towels, make a microfiber cloth your friend. Please, please, please do us (and your windows) a favor and don’t you dare use a paper towel on those windows of yours. We suggest nothing other than a trusty microfiber cloth to help really buff out all of those streaks and scratches.

Gather your favorite window cleaning supplies. Don’t have a favorite or want to try something new? Not sure what is actually in that unmarked car cleaning bottle? We’ve got your back. Checkout our complete lineup of window cleaning supplies.

Wash then wipe. That’s right. Trust us. By washing your car before wiping and cleaning down your windows, you’ll have less nasty grime to deal with. That’s it. No games, no gimmicks, just the best window cleaning tips from your friends in the car wash business.