How To: Make Your Wheels & Rims Sparkle

How To: Make Your Wheels & Rims Sparkle

The last time you washed your car, did you take a moment to shine and sparkle your wheels and rims? Probably not, and you aren’t alone. In this week’s blog post, we will lay out and demonstrate how you can make your wheels and rims sparkle as much as your windows and wheel well. 

#1: Pre-Wash The Wheels

Use a high-pressure washer or spray nozzle on your hose to remove loose dirt, debris, mud, brake dust and more. 

#2: Spray Wheel Cleaner & Follow Directions

If you have caked on debris, use an acid free or ph neutral wheel cleaner. Follow the instructions for the specific product you use exactly for optimal results. 

#3: Wash Wheels With Automotive Shampoo

Remove any chemical cleaners by washing the wheels with an automotive car wash shampoo or soap. Use a microfiber mitt for best results. 

#4: Rinse With Fresh Water

Finally, rinse the entire area of your wheels, suspension, steering parts, brakes, and the wheel well with fresh water to remove all soaps or debris.