Check Engine Light Coming On?

Check Engine Light Coming On?

The Check Engine Light can be an unnerving experience. One second, you think your car is in fine working order -- the next, you're wondering if there's something wrong with your car that will set you back hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repairs. That’s where this week’s blog post comes into play. We want to better your knowledge and prepare for you on what to do when that dreaded Check Engine Light turns on. 

-Determine Static Or Blinking? 

Did you know that there are often two types of check engine light alerts? That’s right. If your light is blinking, in some types of cars - this may mean there is a more serious problem that may need attention and diagnostic support immediately. We do want to caution, just because your check engine light is not blinking, that does not mean you should ignore it. In fact, any sort of illuminated light should be properly diagnosed by your local and trusted mechanic or auto parts store. 

-Double Check Your Cap. 

Your gas cap that is. In newer modeled cars, it is well known that if your gas cap is not secured tightly it can signal and activate your check engine light to go off. 

It’s not always as simple as that, but we do caution you to always consult a local and trusted mechanic or automotive professional with all of your car maintenance needs - especially when that dreaded check engine light flicks on. Do yourself a favor and at least get it checked out, don’t push it off until it becomes too late and puts your life and others on the road at risk.