Blog Topic: No Water? That’s not a problem with a waterless wash.

Blog Topic: No Water? That’s not a problem with a waterless wash.

It is no secret that we all have our own particular routines of how we do our regular tasks. When it comes to washing our cars, many of us have been washing them the exact same way and with the exact same products for years. Luckily, the products and technology has continued to evolve and elevate the car cleaning process over the years and has recently introduced us to a new and innovative way to clean your motor vehicle of choice. 

So, what exactly is a waterless wash you may ask? 

We’re glad you asked. A waterless wash is a new and upcoming car wash technique that you can do at home to save money and waste less water along the way. It’s as simple as it sounds, you simply use a few milliliters of water, a proper cleaning solution, and a fresh microfiber cleaning cloth and that’s it. You aren’t running the water hose and letting it run for minutes and wasting water as it creates puddles in the backyard or drains down the driveway. 

As your friend in the car wash business, we have a great selection of products to choose from if you are wanting to make the switch and give a waterless wash a try in your own backyard (or driveway).