8 Ways You Can Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle!

8 Ways You Can Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle!

Whether you are driving a brand new car off the showroom floor, or a used beauty that’s a few years old - there’s always tips and tricks you can use to make sure that your vehicle lives a long and happy life and gets you where you are going when you need it the most. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting into your car after work or school to find that there is a check engine light on or a bizarre sound coming from underneath the hood. In this week’s blog, we are going to highlight 8 Ways You Can Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle.

As with all of our Zappy’s blogs, these aren’t top secret tips that only we know. We simply want to continue to be there to support and educate you so your car continues to be a prized possession not a money hungry headache at the end of the day. 

Keep Leather From Drying Out

Leather seats are quite durable and don’t really require much in terms of cleaning and maintenance. However, if you happen to own a car that has leather seats and it’s a few years old - you may want to begin to use leather cleaner on a regular basis to ensure that your leather doesn't begin to pigment or stain. 

Use Wheel Cleaner

You want them to shine. Trust us. We can tell who uses wheel cleaner and who doesn't from a mile away. There are several brands and options out there, we just suggest that when you go out and buy wheel cleaner for the first time - that you take into consideration the type of wheels you have. Using the incorrect type of cleaner, could result in unintended damage. 

Don’t Forget To Clean The Inside

What’s the point of cleaning the inside if your guests open the door and they are hit with a smelly stench and welcomed with dust and grime? Nobody wants that type of experience, so be sure you are cleaning up after yourself (or your pets or kids). Install a portable trashbag in the backseat to collect any and all trash and begin to make it a habit of emptying it out on a weekly basis. 

Fix Any & All Windshield Chips

What you think is only a small rock chip, could soon expand if you aren’t careful. This is something that we have seen more and more as the weather begins to transition from spring to summer. If you have a small chip or crack and you turn on your windshield defrost, more likely than not that chip or crack will immediately expand - and not at a cheap expense. Sometimes the new windshield replacements are upwards of $1,000+ as many cars have sensors that have to be recalibrated due to the latest lane departure warnings and systems. 

Lube Your Lug Nuts

If not lubricated properly, lug nuts can seize up due to corrosion. Avoid a costly mistake by occasionally lubricating up your lug nuts and you don’t have to worry! We suggest you do this or ask for this service each time you get your oil changed. It’s a good idea to add it into the mix, especially if you’ve never had it done before! 

Top Off Your Brake Fluid

Just like you pay your mortgage, you should be checking your brake fluid monthly. This is a common one that almost all drivers forget to do until it is beyond needed. Be sure you only ever use the recommended brake fluid as recommended by your car’s manufacture as called out in the driver's manual. Tossing in an alternative substitute can and will likely have negative effects. 

Park In The Shade

Did you know that parking in the shade will minimize the damage from UV rays of sunlight? If you are able to, parking in the shade or in a covered parking garage will help keep your paint fresh and looking as good as new. Plus, you won’t have to deal with unnecessary bird droppings...if you know what we mean. 

Drive With Care

Most importantly, the key to keeping your vehicle well maintained and rolling down the road for miles and years to come is to simply drive with care.