5 Clean Car Hacks You Never Knew About!

5 Clean Car Hacks You Never Knew About!

In this week's blog post, we want to share with you 5 Clean Car Hacks You Never Knew About! Not only will these hacks make your life easier, they are all also very cheap and easy to find and implement when driving your car around.

Bring In The Shower Caddy!

Who said shower caddies had to be contained to the shower or bathroom? We often see customers come through our shop with a shower caddy in their backseat or trunk to help keep personal car cleaning car supplies contained and all organized in one place.

Did Somebody Say Cupcakes?

Simply take a cupcake wrapper, preferably unused and sit them in the bottom of your cupholder to serve as a liner and protectant.

Box It All Up.

If you are anything like us, we have a trunk full of various sports, car, and life accessories and more and more “things” are being thrown in and collected as the days go by. Simply take an empty box or two and put them in your trunk or backseat to help contain all of your “things” from rolling around and becoming damaged and secure when in transport.

Wipe Down Your Windows With The Morning Paper

It’s an old adage that the ink that is printed on a local newspaper is one of the best ways to clean windows until they shine. If you are able to track down a local morning newspaper, use it for a streak free wipe of your windows of all shapes and sizes.

Dust Out Those Vents

One of the hardest spots to clean no matter what type of automobile you drive is the dust inside the air vents. You can easily pick-up a bottle of compressed air or utilize an air compressor with a nozzle that allows you to shoot fresh air directly into your air vents.

Do you have any hacks that you would add to our list? Comment below and let us know!