4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Whether you’re driving around an old beater or new car straight off the showroom floor, we all want to continue to maintain and freshen up our car’s interior on a regular basis. 


  • Don’t forget your floor mats! They’re often overlooked and walked right over, your floor mats can easily be cleaned and wiped clear of dirt with a water hose. 


  • Summer Clutter! Spring is past us and fall is near, be sure you don’t have a bunch of items that aren’t actively used in your car that may begin to create a smell or nasty odor. 


  • Update Your Air Freshers! It's always a great idea to mix up your interior fragrance and scent to greet your guests and passengers in a positive manner. A wide variety of options and fragrances are available depending on your preferences at the Z-Store. 


  • Clean out your vents! Yes, that’s right - your vents tend to be one of the most common areas that cause an unpleasant smell in cars. After an extended period of times dirt, germs, and dust begin to accumulate and that dirty air is then recycled out into the cabin. Microfiber towels, sponges, or even cotton swabs are best options for cleaning and keeping your air vents clean.