3 Steps To Cleaning Your Tires

3 Steps To Cleaning Your Tires

Here at Zappy’s we like to think of ourselves as your friend in the car care business. With that, we want to bring you another informational blog post for the week that casually reminds you of a simple 3 step remedy that will ensure you walk away with clean and sparkling tires in the fall months to come. This first step may seem simple and frankly obvious, but you would be shocked to know how many people actually forget to wash their tires. 


However you typically clean your tires and wheels, our team at Zappy’s simply wants to remind you to carefully consider the proper cleaning tools and solutions to avoid unintentional damage to your tires and wheels. You’ll always be in the clear to use warm water as a base, as you begin your wash. Our team uses our very own Z-PODS to ensure a perfect shine and shimmer. Super-Duty All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect solution for you! A Zappy’s exclusive, Z-PODS are safe and easy to use! All you have to do is drop one or two Z-PODS in a bottle or bucket and fill it up with warm water. Then shake the bottle and watch the pod dissolve!


If you happen to have some stubborn dust or griem, we suggest that you give your tires and wheels a good waxing followed up with a cleaning wash. When you are waxing, be sure to utilize an applicator pad and buff away at the wheel. We suggest Hot Shine Tire Spray by Meguiar’s. It consistently leaves behind a brilliant high gloss shine! With its unique blend of water resistant and premium silicone polymers it keeps your tires looking blacker longer. Also, with its self-spreading ability it prevents streaks for a nice, uniform finish. The more often you rinse and repeat these actions, the less frequent you will have to pull out the wax and tackle your tires. 


When you dress your tires, you are simply applying a fresh coating with a foam applicator without leaving behind any runs, streaks, or blotches. There are a few known techniques out there, but we have found that the spraying the dressing directly on the foam sponge and/or applicator rather than directly on the tires and wheel well.