3 Actions To Take Now To Prepare Your Car For Winter.

3 Actions To Take Now To Prepare Your Car For Winter.

With November here and the winter months quickly approaching, our team at Zappy’s wants to take some time in this week’s blog to remind you that you can never be over prepared when it comes to automobile safety. As the temperatures begin to drop and the snow starts to fall, please take note of these 3 actions we suggest you take now to prepare you and your car for the winter weather season just around the corner.

Inspect The Tires.

Over the next few months, you are going to want to make sure your tires have the traction needed and necessary to get through the ice and snow. If you aren’t quite sure, place a penny head first into several tread grooves across the tire. If you always see the top of Lincoln's head, your treads are shallow and worn. If this is the case, your tires need to be replaced. If part of Lincoln's head is always covered by the tread, you have more than 2/32 of an inch of tread depth remaining.

Confirm Your Battery Is Fully Charged.

During a cold and chilly morning, the last thing you want to deal with is that dreadful dead battery. Stop in your local automotive or auto parts store to get your battery tested by a trusted and trained technician.

Replace The Blades.

You never find out how clean and clear your wiper blades are until winter hits. Your blades should completely clear your windshield glass with one swift wipe. The next time you get in your car, put your wipers to the test. If there is a considerable amount of steaks left behind, it may be the sign to make a quick fix and swap out your blades in time for winter.


As a fellow fan of the Zappy’s brand, we are going to leave you with one more bonus tip that we want to pass along from our family to yours. Pack and put together an emergency roadside kit and throw it in the backseat or in your trunk. Hopefully, this will never be used - but we want to remind you that you can never be over prepared if things get rough. Your kit may vary by location and situation, but you can’t go wrong with a first-aid kit, shovel, bottles of water, non-perishable snacks, and a flashlight or two.