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Tire & Rim Cleaner

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Superior Clean - Effortlessly breaks down grease, oil, tar, road grime, and brake dust releasing them from the tire and rim surfaces for easy cleaning.

Safe For Environment - Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non-caustic, and a biodegradable blend of premium surfactants. It contains‚ no petroleum, ammonia, or bleach.

Multi-Function Design - Excellent for cleaning all raised lettering and whitewall tires.

Safe To Use - Will not dry out the tire or cause premature degrading of rubber materials. Safe on all chrome and painted surfaces.

Directions: Generously spray cool surfaces to be cleaned and allow several minutes for the cleaner to penetrate soiled areas. Lightly wipe tire and rim with a cloth, sponge, or soft bristle brush.‚  Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure water and dry with a clean, dry cloth. To add an extra layer of protection and bring out the true brilliance of the rim, apply Zappy's Auto Premium Metal Polish as the perfect finishing touch. And then follow up with Zappy's Auto Tire Shine.