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Headlight Lens Restorer

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“�‚ Restores‚ -‚ A one of a kind product that restores and clears plastic headlight lenses that have been damaged by UV age discoloration.

“�‚ Repairs‚ - Frequent use helps to fill in tiny scratches and microscopic flaws on the surface of these materials.

“�‚ Superior Clean‚ - It will remove calcium carbonate build-up from headlights on vehicles thus restoring brightness which saves replacement costs.

“�‚ Multi-Function Design - Use on headlights, taillights, side markers on automobiles, trucks, motorcycle, buses, and marine craft.

Directions:‚ Before use, shake can vigorously until the mixing ball releases then continue for at least 30 seconds. Tilt can upside down and apply Headlight Restorer diagonally across the headlight.‚  Let the foam set for 15 seconds. With your fingertips, work product thoroughly into the headlight lens for approximately two minutes. Then, using a clean Zappy's Auto Microfiber Detailing Cloth, wipe headlight lens thoroughly, changing sides of the‚ cloth frequently to avoid rubbing soiled product back into the headlight. When the headlight is completely dry, buff with a clean microfiber cloth. For heavily soiled headlights, repeat if necessary.‚