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The Zapp Blaster - Garden Hose Foam Cannon

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  • Optimum & Effective Car Cleaning - The Zapp Blaster - Garden Hose Foam Cannon is a professional quality car washing system that features revolutionary foam blasting technology to make washing your car quick and easy. Just attach it to your hose and start blasting!
  • Replaces Manual Cleaning - This specially designed foam cannon features 5 spray settings so there's no more scrubbing with a sponge, brush, or mitt to get that hand-washed shine. Simply spray and rinse, and get your car shining like new.
  • Easy To Use Car Cleaner - Attach The Zapp Blaster - Garden Hose Foam Cannon to your garden hose, add liquid soap, and spray your dirty car clean with the thick cleaning foam. Then turn the dial to the rinse setting and wash the soap away from the car's exterior
  • Thick Foam Sprayer - The powerful foam dispenser and power washer infuses massive amounts of air into the soap and water to create a blanket of thick foam, just like a professional carwash. Cleans every part of the car - from the windshield to the body.
  • No Residue - Air-charged cleansing foam lifts dirt and dust from the surface and rinses it away without leaving behind any film or residue. Use it on your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV, ATV, and more!

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