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E-Z Beads Spray Wax

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E-Z Beads Spray Wax is designed to add instant shine and beading action to almost any surface, including paint, glass, chrome and trim. Great for use as a rinsing agent in a tunnel car wash or as an express wax in a foam gun. VOC compliant and body shop safe.

DILUTION RATIO: Recommended Dilution Ratio of 1:300 parts water (1.3 ounce per gallon)

DIRECTIONS: Mist evenly onto the vehicle using a foam gun or conventional car wash equipment. Rinse with water. Dry vehicle. The dilution ratio can be increased depending on water hardness.

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: Can be applied to any exterior vehicle surface, including paint, glass, chrome and trim.

ADDITIONAL USES: Can be used as a “cheater wax” in between regular wax jobs.

HELPFUL TIPS: Dilute properly. Do not used at full strength. Use only on washed and cool surfaces. For best results, use Clay Magic detailing clay prior to using E-Z Beads.