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A final step carnauba cream wax designed to add a high gloss and rich luster to new or used vehicles. Banana Magic contains banana oil which emits a rich banana fragrance. This premium wax is a low dust, high durability formulation that's easy to use and lasts a long time. VOC compliant.

SCENT: Banana

ABRASIVENESS:‚ 0‚ out of 10 (10 is highest amount of abrasive)


Shake well. For hand application, use a wax applicator in overlapping, circular motions. Allow to haze, then remove with a soft, clean microfiber or terry towel. For orbital machine application, wax with slow speed (1200 rpm) and a clean final finish foam pad. Can also be buffed with a variable speed buffer and a finishing foam pad at 1000 to 1200 rpm.


For high gloss and added surface protection of clear coat, single stage, acrylic, lacquers, enamels, as well as powder-coated paints.


Excellent on RVs, boats, motorcycles, bikes, and other painted surfaces.


It is best to remove all surface contamination with the use of Clay Magic‚® detailing clay prior to application to ensure the highest performance of #73. This will also ensure easier application and removal. Do not apply wax in thick layers. Rotate the towel as you remove the wax.